Wendy Skinery

First Task Subject

Client: Wendy Skinery
Age: 30
Address: Wysteria House
East Dangleberry
Near Badstock

Type of case: – Interesting Pictoral Anomaly

First approach from TSR: Enquiring email 8.16am.
Subject Interesting anomalies contained in photographs in webpage.

First reply from client: 9.32 am
Has noticed anomalies in family archive photographs.

Any other ocurrances?: Unseen child in the house.

Client state: cynical but willing to accept help.
Reason for client acceptance of case: Concerned for own state of mind.

Ms Wendy Skinery has contacted The Sky Remains by answering an enquiring email sent by us. We noticed that there were some interesting anomalies contained in her photographs, which she has placed on her webpage.

Wendy admits she has noticed similar anomalies in other photographs within her family archive and is puzzled by them. She agrees that she would like to get to the bottom of it.

We asked Wendy if she was aware of any other puzzling occurances (because in our experience where there is one strange anomaly, right next to it are two or three more)
She answered that she has heard a child running and giggling in the house but has not seen the child.

Wendy explains that she fears she may be losing her mind due to her heavily pregnant state and her self-imposed isolation. She needs our help.

Case file set-up – CASE OPEN

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