Wendy's Story

The story actually begins with Sam Skinery, though we don't know exactly who he is. We simply receive audio from him, asking for help with a lot of loud noises and screaming in the background. But more on Sam later.

Wendy Skinery formerly worked as a photographer. She and her boyfriend split up, partly due to the fact that Wendy became pregnant and the boyfriend didn't want to be a father. In the first video, she tells us that she is 285 days pregnant, and the baby does not seem to be in any hurry to be born.

A short time before Wendy was contacted by The Sky Remains agency, she inherited a house in a secluded area from her grandfather who hadn't lived in it for some time as he had moved to Sri Lanka a number of years ago. Wendy decided that she wanted to live in the house and have her baby in that area as she enjoyed the independence that the house gave her. Her mother was not happy with this arrangement, but Wendy was determined.

Things were going well at first; she loved the house and found many items of interest there. She did find herself feeling irritated by a lot of things, especially the constant calls from her mother whom Wendy felt was being invasive, but on the whole, she liked staying in her grandfather's house.

Digging through her grandfather's belongings, she found a number of old photographs of her family in which a strange man appeared, who looked out of place. She found herself intrigued by the photos, while wondering who he could possibly be. She posted some of these images on her web site, and someone from The Sky Remains detective agency saw them and contacted her about the photos. (Our boss, Ms. Poliakov, is currently in charge of the case.) Wendy was skeptical, but because she'd also been hearing throughout house the sounds of a young girl giggling, running, and slamming doors and couldn't trace the source, she agreed to work with the agency, as she feared for her own sanity.

Wendy found an interesting drawing presumably drawn by her grandfather, and came across several other puzzling documents. While she was sending video to the agency showing her grandfather's drawing, a giggling voice could be heard in the background and the door to the room was slammed and locked. Wendy pounded on the door, but the only response was a piece of paper slipped between the door and the jamb containing what looked to be a child's watercolor of a young girl.

Finding herself unable to get out of the room on her own, Wendy tried to reach someone with her cell phone, but was unable to get a signal, even though she had been able to use the phone before, though the reception hadn't been good. She also tried accessing various web sites, but was only able to connect to The Sky Remains web site.

At about this time, field agents came across some correspondence between Wendy and Harry, her grandfather. From case files, we do know that Wendy and her sister Lucy traveled to Sri Lanka to visit Harry, but Harry was away from home at the time. We've also come across evidence which seemed to indicate that Sam Skinery was trying to contact Wendy.

Wendy started going into labor, so Ms. Poliakov sent a seasoned field agent (a woman) out to get Wendy so that she could give birth in safe surroundings. Pat and Dave, a pair of rookie agents, were also on the way to help Wendy, and saw the field agent on her way to the house. They didn't make it in time to find Wendy as she was removed from the house by someone whom Ms. Poliakov asserts is not one of her field agents.

Now we are trying to reach Sam Skinery, as Ms. Poliakov has indicated that he may have the answers we need in order to free Wendy. Poliakov herself is no longer safe at the agency and has told us that we agents are on our own in terms of helping Wendy. And we are now engaged in trying to figure out how to help Sam contact Wendy…

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