Wendy's Family

Margaret Elizabeth Skinery-Wilson

Relationship with Wendy: Wendy has a strenuous and very tiring relationship with her mother. Wendy has always found that her mother takes over everything that has ever happened to Wendy and made it about her, Margaret and not about Wendy. This has been going on for thirty years, which is the exact same length as Wendy’s life ergo the two have effected each other. Margaret in turn finds her relationship with Wendy very tiring and wearing and simply wants to do all she can to make her daughter’s life a better one. Margaret is very concerned by Wendy attempting to have her baby all alone in ‘that weird draughty old place in the back of beyond’ but our investigation isn’t about Margaret: this time it’s all about Wendy. We are here to support our clients.

Relationship Summary:

Relation: Mother.
Name: Margaret Elizabeth Skinery-Wilson (note: she hates being called Mags)
Relation characteristics: Caring but controlling.
Relationship status: RED HOT URGENCY - NEEDS REPAIR.

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